Our luxury car wax collections have been carefully crafted to ensure they deliver the ultimate finish to all vehicle makes and models. Through our engineering and laboratory experience, we’ve sought out the finest refined ingredients to produce superior car wax that works with the body work and brings out the best of your chosen car.

We’ve combined intensive research of car manufacturing with our extensive knowledge of car waxes and detailing to ensure our specific make and model collections deliver the ideal results. From a high gloss finish and mirror shine for a classic car to a durable protector for a four wheel drive, you’ll find our car waxes do exactly what you need them to and more besides.

Easy to apply, and hosting a plethora of benefits that nourish, protect and extend the life of your paintwork, our bespoke car waxes are a pleasure to view and a pleasure to use.

Delivered in high quality packaging, you’ll find Mitchell and King soon becomes a staple ingredient of your garage or workshop.