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Winter Car Wax

ArmourV3 | 1 of 35

£379.00 GBP

Product description

Long Lasting Winter Car Wax

Only 35 Produced Per Year. Individually Numbered Complete With Display Plaque

Armour is a long lasting car wax for winter which uses an innovative formula. Mitchell and King have captured the use of a very hard wearing ingredient which withstands our harsh winters.

Presenting our winter car wax, best suited to cars which are used on a daily basis, whether you are a city dweller or country resident, Armour will protect your car for more than 4 months.

Created for a customer whose vehicle was subject to the German Autobahn, where debris can pummel the car at a staggering 130km/h.

As expected your winter car wax will withstand heavy rainfall, and the protection levels are highly unique for natural carnauba wax. Armour is ideally suited to vehicles which are utilised on a regular basis and for those who have limited use to a Garage.

Armour has been utilised by private charter airlines, track users and is the only wax utilised on a private estate within central Scotland.

Armour takes much of its influence from the luxury cosmetic boutiques, offering resilient protection against airborne contaminants and offering protection against damaging UV rays.

Many of our clients use Armour as a base coat during winter which will allow you to utilise your luxury wax throughout winter. The additional benefit of our innovative blend is the ability to hydrate dry and dull paintwork, an after affect of road salt and harsh winters.

This wax is designed to protect your paintwork for longer, however, there isn’t the usual trade off between looks and protection. Armour contains T1 premium carnauba, which can increase gloss and add warmth to most paint types, our additional ingredient locks in the look of T1 and boosts the longevity.

Current users of Armour have reported sublime gloss and tight, uniform beading.

  • Aluminium Jar (200ml)
  • Refills at 50%
  • 200ml
  • Refills are 200ml for £150.00
  • Utilises ingredients which extends protection
  • Easy on/off

Winter Car Wax

ArmourV3 | 1 of 35

£379.00 GBP

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