Car wax for a jaguar

Car Wax For Jaguar Motor Cars

jaguar car wax


We understand the Jaguar’s manufacturer’s stance that creating a car is the closest we come to building a life mechanically. For the majority of Jaguar owners, this iconic marque is more than just wheels and metal, it’s a living breathing machine that deserves respect, a feat of British engineering - something to be very proud of. 

With this in mind, we at Mitchell and King set about creating a high quality car wax that would complement the unique characteristics of the Jaguar. A wax that would appreciate the refinement of this vehicle and would do the Jaguar justice when applied by hand.

The result is Regal, our supreme blend of incredible ingredients that delivers on every level. Easy to apply Regal brings out the best of the Jaguar while nourishing and protecting the paintwork. The high gloss finish ensures you always create the best impression when turning heads in your prized possession while the treatment keeps paintwork safe from the harsh environment and inclement weather.

Available in two sizes, you’ll find that the Regal and a Jaguar go hand in hand.

Regal is suitable for both modern and older models of Jaguar. 

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