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Car Wax For Black Cars


£150.00 GBP

Product description

Mason - Car Wax For Black Cars

"Do you own a Black car ? Are you looking for a wax which offers you fantastic gloss and depth ?"

Cars with Black Paint require a special blend of wax. Mason is infused with nourishing oils and waxes to help enhance and fend off UV damage.

Mason has is blended to withstand higher temperatures, as we know black cars which sit in the sun can be unbearabley warm. Mason is blended with high temperature ingredients to increase the long term protection, even in warm environments.

The pleasant side effect is, these ingredients are very glossy and give your black car a fantastic wet look finish.

Mason was originally blended for the owner of a "Mason Black" Bentley, hence the name Mason.

Car wax which is blended for Black paint should enhance the gloss and the depth. Black is one of the most rewarding colours to wax, due to it's results.

Mason is suitable for both metallic and non metallic paint.

Our client was very fond of said car and boasting 20 years of original paint, they were keen reduce any abrasive polishes.

Solid black paint is possibly one of the most arduous finishes to maintain and keep defect free. I am offering you a creation which can mask slight defects and restore the natural lustre to your paintwork. All in the beautiful for of Mason, a fantastic part of our colour collection car waxes.

Your new car wax offers a good level of protection and has an easy application method.

Car Wax For Black Cars


£150.00 GBP

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