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Car leather cleaner



Product description

Car leather cleaner
  • 250ml/500ml/1Litre
  • Safe leather cleaner
  • Gentle
  • Easy to use
  • No residue

Cleanse is a luxurious car leather cleaner designed to safely remove contaminants without the use of harsh cleaning agents. We developed this leather cleaner specifically for our clients who require a safe cleanser which will not affect the integrity or aesthetics of the leather, as many of their vehicles have historical interest.

Cleanse is an active car leather cleaner, which means it will rejuvenate your leather just as safely at the beginning of the application as it will at the end, there is no reduction in cleansing ability and no increase in strength after agitation.

Contaminated leather normally produces a sheen which is not present on factory fresh leather. The sheen is the resultant of contaminants which have been “polished” into the grain of the leather when you depart and enter your vehicle. Our car leather cleaner will remove this sheen and un-clog the pores of your leather resulting in a clean surface.

Common contaminants such as perspiration, sun tan lotion, cosmetics, general traffic dust and air bourne pollutants greatly reduce the longevity of your leather and can increase the frequency of general wear on the leather. Your M&K car leather cleaner will remove these contaminants safely and effectively providing you with a factory fresh finish.

Cleanse is individually crafted and each label is personalised. In the box above “personalise” please enter your name and we will transfer this onto your bespoke label.

You can see examples of the bespoke label if you enlarge the image above.

Please note, Cleanse is individually poured and personalised for you and as such can take 2-3 days for delivery.



You can include Cleanse in your weekly wash by spritzing a lint free cloth and gently wiping the leather until no reside is evident.

You must always follow Cleanse with Nourish, Cleanse is not a leather protector/hydrator.

Do not use on non factory leather which has been re-coloured as the colouring may not have adhered effectively and will


"Personalisation label is Clear and not Black"


Car leather cleaner



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