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Mitchell and King Car Wax and Detailing Products Mitchell and King Car Wax and Detailing Products

Product description

1 litre Alloy wheel cleaner

  • 1Litre
  • Non Acidic
  • Gentle
  • Non corrosive formula

A revolutionary alloy wheel cleaner which is Non-Acidic, making it very safe for your wheels. 

RIM gently breaks down general driving grime. Our acid free alloy wheel cleaner is highly concentrated and can be diluted four times for a weekly wash.

Brake dust can permanently pit and damage the finish on your wheels. Like most things in life preventative measures are less costly than a repair. Simply clean your wheels with your weekly wash to ensure you extend the life of your wheels.

You are best to tackle this job when the wheel is cool. As turning cold water on a warm brake pad/disc etc can cause severe problems.

Do not spray directly onto carbon discs, instead spray onto your boars hair brush.

RIM is one of the safest products you can utilise to cleanse your alloy wheels, with a non acidic formula free of strong acids or nasty abrasives.

Your new wheel cleanser can be used at a dilution rate of 1:1 and 1:4 dependant on the severity of brake dust.

RIM is hand poured and we only produce RIM in small quantities, ensuring a longer shelf life and  furthering the exclusivity.


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