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Liquids Only

Sultan Kit

£199.00 GBP

Product description

The Ultimate Car Detailing Kit

Your Mitchell and King creations are highly prized and we are now offering a car detailing kit collection featuring liquids safely displayed within an aluminium flight case. 

When attending an event such as Concours d'Elegance, the magesty of your vehicle will be matched by the car care creations that you are using. These are creations which you won't wish to hide, quite the contrary.

Your new car detailing kit comes complete with our full range of liquids ! Scroll down to see exactly what you get. 

Your Sultan car detailing kit will be created for you and all of the creations are hand poured specifically for your use. Each liquid will have either feature the model of your vehicle, your name or your business name printed on the label.

The car detailing kit is hand selected and prepared for your use, as with all Mitchell and King creations we offer full bespoke services which are included within the cost.

Simply select your chosen wax from the drop down menu above and continue to the quick checkout, we ship world-wide. 

If you wish to purchase offline, John is available to discuss your requirements and place your order over the telephone; 01877 365 005

The Sultan Kit includes;

  • Cleanse,
  • Nourish,
  • Tyre,
  • Aura,
  • Glide,
  • SPA,
  • QD,
  • Pure,
  • 11,
  • Clear,
  • Treat,
  • Thread

Liquids Only

Sultan Kit

£199.00 GBP

Unrivalled Passion | Unmatched Knowledge | Used Profesionally

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