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Extreme Conditions

Ultra | 1 of 8

£743.60 GBP

Product description

Advanced Paint Protection, Only 8 Produced Per Year. Keep that just waxed look for longer. 

Introducing a car wax which breaks the industry boundaries, gloss teamed with longevity and outstanding beading properties. Ultra is a car enthusiasts dream offering the ultimate car paint protection. Ultra is rare and highly exclusive with only 8 blended per year.

Car wax helps to protect your car from a variety of particles in the air, it can make cleaning the car much easier as bugs don't stick to the paint in the same way. I have also found that with Ultra due to its high beading nature that if my car is dusty, the rain will rinse the majority of the dust revealing a lovely gloss finish. 

Ultra will keep your car looking better for longer, it helps the paint fight every day fatigue and the ageing process. 

Ultimate Personalisation

Each Ultra has your name, blend number and date of blend on an individually engraved brass plaque.

The hardest natural wax available. Using only T1 Carnauba within the formula of Ultra ensures we are offering you the best quality of Carnauba available.

Withstanding Extreme Temperatures and Conditions

The results of Ultra are unlike any wax you have used before, this is due to capturing the the finest qualities of Carnauba and furthering them by utilising a unique set of ingredients.

Ultra can offer superior surface tension which translates to a durable, resilient film of protection.

Layerable within 1 hour

This car wax can be layered, offering a more resilient finish and deeper gloss. The additional layer will help to protect your paintwork from air bourne contaminants and make it much easier to clean.  

To compliment your new wax, Ultra comes with a kit which includes an Anti UV Shampoo and Anti UV top up spray.

Each refill is charged at 50% of the investment cost. 

Quick Read

  • 78% Carnauba Content
  • Developed by the leading artisan wax creator
  • Easy on/off application
  • Resilient protection
  • Outstanding hydrophobic properties
  • Imparts a glossy finish
  • 200ml
  • Complimentary Sultan Kit

Technical Specification


Choice of container (black or silver)

Choice of box

What's in the box 

For the 200ml wax, you get a timber box and a plaque with your name engraved and your blend number, in addition this is safely delivered within an Aluminium aviation case and is accompanied by 6 x 250ml liquids of your choice - we will email you after the purchase has been completed to discuss the liquids. 


As with all waxes at Mitchell and King, we will use the Interlink/DPD delivery network within Europe. DPD offer a 1 hour delivery window and those of you familiar with this, will agree that it is one of the most accurate and reliable couriers within the industry. If you have any specific questions please email and we will assist you. 

UPS for America and our new fully tracked service for the South Korea. 

Other countries will be either UPS or FedEx, so you can trust your wax is in safe hands. 

Each service is fully tracked and you will get an estimated time of delivery.

How To Order ; 

Simply select add to cart and follow our secure checkout or if you prefer we can receive orders via telephone & email 

Extreme Conditions

Ultra | 1 of 8

£743.60 GBP

Unrivalled Passion | Unmatched Knowledge | Used Profesionally

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