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Welcome to Mitchell & King

The eminence of Mitchell and King car wax is such that we’re a well-known authority in the classic car industry and sought out by those looking for luxury car waxes for their extra special vehicles. Born out of a love for high quality cars, Mitchell and King car waxes are carefully blended by our own fair hands using ingredients that can be notoriously difficult to source. Today, due to popular demand, we’ve expanded our range of car waxes to encourage enthusiasts from around the world that a magnificent finish is achievable with the correct ingredients. We maintain our core values and ethos. When purchasing a Mitchell and King car wax you can be confident that you’re choosing the best treatment, protection and finisher for your car. Our secret blend of luxury ingredients, oils and elusive compounds ensure that you receive the results that have helped us to maintain the highest standard of creations. From our hand delivered wax to our everyday treatments, Mitchell and King is sure to have the perfect accessory for your prized car.

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