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Car Wax and Detailing Products

Welcome to one of the most specialised car wax companies in the world. We have made wax for some of the most rare and luxurious cars in the world, Our online store consists of a large range of car waxes which suits nearly every requirement you can imagine. Many of the car waxes are limited editions or blended in very small batches. One of the things that makes our waxes so unique is the ingredients that we use and the slow blend. This allows us to offer you a more uniform wax and a more evenly distributed amalgamation of ingredients. Ensuring you get a little of each ingredient on your microfibre applicator. When purchasing a Mitchell and King car wax you can specify exactly what your requirements are or you can choose from our vast luxury blends. From our hand delivered wax to our everyday treatments, Mitchell and King is sure to have the perfect accessory for your prized car, I look forward to personally welcoming on board. I look forward to speaking with you and would love to hear from you if you have any questions or just need a hand to choose your next car wax 01877 365 005. Thank you, John

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