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Red Car Wax


£150.00 GBP

Product description

Rosso - Car Wax For Red Cars


"It is definitely the best wax I've ever used on Rosso Red." Tom

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Rosso is specifically blended for Red Cars and provides super wet gloss. We infuse Rosso with rich oils and waxes to ensure that you achieve a great glossy shine on your Red paintwork.

The experience of opening and enjoying your Mitchell and King wax is very unique, from the hand packaged wax, the hand-written welcome car from John and of course the Oreo's !

Our vast knowledge of ingredients and implementation has resulted in wax which is held in high regard with everyone who has had a chance to use it.

Rosso is used by the weekend enthusiast to the owners of cars which you see at Pebble Beach and it has won fans throughout. Like you, they know what they want and what they are looking for, who else would search the internet for a car wax for a specific colour of car ?

Solid Red paint is possibly one of the most rewarding finishes. Chosen by some of the most iconic car manufacturers such as Porsche and Ferrari. Red is one of the most vivid colours in the spectrum. The colour of life and love.

The oils and waxes within Rosso soothe UV stressed and dull paintwork without the use of abrasives.

Rosso was originally designed for use on a classic Ferrari which had very little original paint, rendering abrasive polish an impossibility. However, is equally at home on a modern clear coat paint.

Upon opening you are greeted by a natural berry fragrance.

Rosso is the secret to a high gloss Red. 

Once you purchase with Mitchell and King you get treated to many special perks.

  • Protects against harmful UV rays using the same technology as suncream
  • Re-rejuvenates tired Red Paint
  • Specifically designed for Red finishes
  • Presents an even finish
  • Non Abrasive
  • Fresh Berry Fragrance

Red Car Wax


£150.00 GBP

Unrivalled Passion | Unmatched Knowledge | Used Profesionally

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