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Coffee Infused Car Wax


£150.00 GBP

Product description

A Car Wax Infused with Real Coffee

Please note this is Archived, however, you can still order it and it will be ready within 7-10 working days.

Available for immediate dispatch for Club Prive members ! 

"Making black cars glow, thanks @mitchellandking for the support! Cafe has coffee as an ingredient and creates insane pop and glow! Now to get Rannoch and Modena on some cars!" Reflective Intentions

We know you loved our Coffee fragranced air freshener so we thought you would love, real coffee infused car wax. This isn't simply Coffee fragranced, this is infused with Coffee Oils, pure, natural and exotic. 

This is a blend of wax which we have been developing over Winter and with the ever improving weather now is the time to offer this new wax, Cafe.

Available in our heavy glass jar, with wide mouth for ease of access.

Cafe brings new attributes to the price range. It is a wax which sits well on many colours, offering super Gloss teamed with ocean deep gloss. Extremely easy to use, with an application method which is suitable to both the keen enthusiast and the seasoned pro. Simply apply a small amount to a foam pad, spread very, very thinly allow upto 20 mintues and then gently remove.

The resultant will be spectacular wetness, specifically noticeable on a clear coated car. If you can't hesitate, turn your hose to the shower setting and watch with amazement as you see little beads of water compete to stay on the paintwork, none of which being successful, hitting the vertical panels will produce perfectly rounded sheeting balls.

Whilst you have the jar in the other hand, benefiting from the rich fragrance of just ground coffee beans.

It is a sensory overload.

Coffee Infused Car Wax


£150.00 GBP

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